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This is where I’ll be publishing chapters and other news about an original character, Beth Harper, also known — or not known — as the superheroine Sapphire Angel. A new chapter drops every Monday and Thursday.

What kind of style can you find here?

My style favors realism over fantasy, or at least as much realism as can exist in a world where the main character possesses superhuman powers. For that reason, you won't see a world where heroes run around everywhere. My heroine is unique in the world — imagine how our world would react if someone with amazing powers appeared. You can find that here, as Sapphire Angel's appearance on the world stage makes quite a stir.

Think of the style as a bit Jack Reacher and a bit Mitch Rapp, but with a heroine who is innocent, determined, full of empathy, and struggling to make sense of her changing life. Oh, and she has superpowers.

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C.J. Stone

Writer of Sapphire Angel, Superheroine