Power Play — Chapter 67

We last read Chapter 66, in which Beth sneaks into the study at the Pegasus Club. Atop a table, she finds a diorama depicting the lodge and surrounding area, including the nuclear plant. Based on various clues in the diorama, and a text from Stanley informing her that Bud Tanner once worked on laser weaponry for the U.S. Navy, Beth deduces Wheldon’s plan. Before she can act on the information, Senator Mark Bishop stumbles into the study, drunk, and accosts Beth. As he pins her down on the sofa, Conner arrives, attacking the senator and leaving him unconscious. Beth tells Conner about her suspicions — that Wheldon is holding Bud Tanner captive, and has forced him to develop a laser weapon to cause a radioactive leak at the power plant. Before they can act on the information, Xavier Wheldon arrives in the study with two armed guards.

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